Venus and Mars

My husband and I are Blazers fans and last night we were watching a game from last week that we missed because we were out of town.  We knew the Blazers had won, but at a point during the game, when the Blazers weren’t playing particularly well, I made comment, just to tease my husband.  I said: “Gosh, how did the Blazers win this game?

I didn’t expect an answer, just perhaps a chuckle.

Women like to share ideas, and sometimes they will speak just to connect, not to make a point

My husband promptly pauses the TV and proceeds to explain in technical terms how the Blazers were going to turn the game around.

I laughed and he looked at me puzzled.  Being the practical problem solver that he is, he had taken my rhetorical question literally!

Men are wired to solve problems, to be useful, they will speak when they have a point to make

We both had a good laugh, and I got the connection I was looking for.

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